240W Sunny Boy Microinverter for Solar Modules up to 250Wp - 1 MPPT - 240VAC

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    This 240VAC split phase microinverter was introduced by SMA to serve the more challenging installations where considerable shading, module mismatch or various directions rules out string inverters. It is intended for residential installations where the maximum DC voltage is 600VDC. The modules connect directly to these microinverters which are then daisy chained together using custom AC cables up to a maximum of 12 microinverters per AC branch. These branches are then connected to various options of Sunny Multigates dependent on microinverter quantity. These outdoor rated Multigates have built-in webconnect features allowing them to offer free, real-time panel level monitoring via Sunny portal or through smart phone or tablet apps.


    • CEC efficiency of 96 %
    • Optimal module use with individual MPP tracking
    • Maximum service life thanks to patented electronics design and minimum number of components
    • Galvanic isolation
    • Integrated grid disconnection point with monitoring in the Sunny Multigate
    • Sunny Multigate XT for outdoor use
    • Complies with all relevant protection classes and standards
    • Integrated Webconnect function to Sunny Portal via Ethernet
    • Real-time monitoring on module level
    • Remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet
    • Free and convenient plant monitoring via Sunny Portal
    • Pre-assembled AC cables

    Technical Specifications

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    Dimensions (inchs)7.4 x 8.6 x 1.7
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