6V 605Ah (C100) Flooded Deep Cycle Battery


    Flooded Lead-Acid Battery. 6V 450Ah/20hr 605Ah/100hr

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    The Rolls series 4000 batteries are used in a variety of applications including renewable energy systems, they have a long life expectancy and one of the longest warranty periods available.


    • 7 year warranty
    • Combination of thick plate design with the highest density active material
    • Envelope separators
    • Increased electrolyte reserve
    • Greater rigidity
    • Greater durability
    • Sediment chamber removed allowing higher plates to be used in the same sized cell, thus yielding greater capacity
    • Unsurpassed cycling service
    • Less maintenance

    Technical Specifications

    Ah Rating450 (20hr) 605 (100hr)
    Dimensions (inchs)12.50 x 7.12 x 16.75
    Standard Warranty7 years
    ManufacturerRolls Battery Engineering
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