Flooded Lead-Acid Battery - 6V 420Ah/20hr 433Ah/100hr


    Trojan Signature series Flooded Lead-Acid (FLA) battery: 1,200 cycles @ 50% DOD

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    This is a 6V/420Ah (20hrs), 6V/433Ah (100hrs) battery engineered to provide rugged durability and outstanding performance, Trojan’s Signature Line is perfectly suited for use in renewable energy systems where lowest life-cycle cost is the key consideration. An all-around power house, the Signature Line features Trojan’s historically-proven engineering with T2 Technology™, an advanced battery technology for maximum sustained performance, longer life and increased total energy.

    Technical Specifications

    Ah Rating250Ah+
    Dimensions (inchs)11.66 x 6.94 x 16.74
    MaterialFlooded Lead-Acid
    ManufacturerTrojan Battery Company
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