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24V Prewired Solar Inverter System

Recognized as one of the fastest growing sectors in the Solar Energy market is a system that can be Grid-Tied but also have a storage capability, allowing for power from the solar system when there is no sunlight, when there is no grid present, and accommodate “load shifting (Demand Reduction)” using the battery bank to supply/supplement loads during peak hours.

The PowerStore is one of the leading technical distributors for Outback Power, Schneider Electric and SMA: the recognized market leaders in this sector. Our fully trained account managers can assist with the design of your battery based system advising on the various inverter/charger and battery bank options available, best suitable to your installation, location and budget.

Until recently battery based Grid-Tie inverter systems were typically restricted to small group of specialized installers due to their complexity. However, Outback Power changed that recently by added their pre-wired models for both 24VDC and 48VDC systems. These systems are supplied fully wired and pre-test, ready for connection to the batteries, to the grid, to the PV array and to the generator (if used). From 2.5KW 120VAC single phase to 14.4KW 240VAC split-phase for residential installs and with a 9.0 & 10.8KW 3-phase 208VAC option these systems have made grid-tie battery backup systems an easy option for all qualified installers and end users. Outback Power have now also added their own battery banks to some of these pre-wired options making it a true “all in one“ solution.

Project pricing may be available so please contact our sales team should this be required. Please login/create an account for dealer pricing.

  1. Outback Power

    FLEXpower One 2.5kW 24V Pre-wired FXR System 120V

    SKU: FP1 FXR2524A-01
  2. Outback Power

    FLEXpower One 3.5kW 24V Pre-wired VFXR System 120V

    SKU: FP1 VFXR3524A-01
  3. Outback Power

    FLEXpower Three 6kW 24V Pre-wired FXR System 230/400V

    SKU: FP3 FXR2024E
  4. Outback Power

    FLEXpower Three 9kW 24V Pre-wired VFXR System 230/400V

    SKU: FP3 VFXR3024E
  5. Outback Power

    FLEXpower Two 5kW 24V Pre-wired FXR System 120/240V

    SKU: FP2 FXR2524A-01
  6. Outback Power

    FLEXpower Two 6kW 24V Pre-wired VFXR System 230V

    SKU: FP2 VFXR3024E
  7. Outback Power

    FLEXpower Two 7kW 24V Pre-wired VFXR System 120/240V

    SKU: FP2 VFXR3524A-01