SkyBox Rapid Shutdown Kit


    ICS Plus PV rapid shutdown package for SkyBox. Compatible with up to three strings of PV source circuits. Includes one FWPV3-FH600-S2D shutdown box, one RSI, and one power supply.

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    OutBack provides a fully-compliant PV rapid shutdown equipment plus combiner solution with the SkyBox RSD-1.

    The SkyBox Rapid Shutdown meets the following 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) requirements:

    • NEC 690.12—Rapid shutdown (provides a means for first responders to safely de-energize controlled conductors)
    • NEC 690.15—DC disconnect (opens all ungrounded circuit conductors from all sources of power)

    The SkyBox RSD-1 is rated to 600VDC for integration in a wide range of systems and designed for ease of service and clean wire management. Components can be ordered for alternative system needs, including use with grid-direct PV inverters, and stacked SkyBox’s.

    Technical Specifications

    SKUSkyBox RSD-1
    ManufacturerOutback Power
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