SkyBox SystemEdge 530PLR


    Bundled SBX5048-120/240 5.0 kW with an IBR-3-48-175 battery rack and twelve 200PLR batteries providing 28.8 kWh of nameplate energy storage. Includes one SkyBox-RSD-1 rapid shutdown system and an OBCT-200 current transducer pair.

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    Experience Single-Brand Simplicity with a Suburban SystemEdge package from OutBack Power.

    This package includes a factory pre-wired and tested SkyBox True Hybrid Energy System, EnergyCell batteries, battery rack or bank, SkyBox Rapid Shutdown, OPTICS RE web enabled monitoring and control and all necessary connection hardware.

    Product Highlights

    • Single SKU ordering convenience
    • Factory tested, pre-wired and pre-configured SkyBox
    • EnergyCell Nano-Carbon batteries
    • 3-shelf Integrated Battery Rack
    • SkyBox Rapid Shutdown
    • Single brand UL and NEC compliant system
    • OPTICS RE system monitoring and control

    Technical Specifications

    Battery Voltage48
    Dimensions (inchs)47 x 21 x 9.4
    ManufacturerOutback Power
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