Sunny Boy 11kW Solar Inverter - 1 MPPT - 240VAC

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    SMA Sunny Boy 11000TLUS-12 w/ Arc Fault Protection Type 1: DC Disconnect, Optional Combiner Box (240VAC)

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    This 11,000W Sunny Boy inverter was designed by SMA to meet the requirements of the larger residential and small commercial requirements. It has a single MPPT input and requires the use of an external fused combiner if more than 2 strings are being used. A SBCBTL6-10 is the SMA recommended solution and will accept up to 6 equal PV strings. This inverter has a 600VDC maximum input voltage, and can be connected to a 240VAC grid only. The unit is supplied with a DC disconnect in a separate box. SMA Part # for this disconnect is DC-DISCONTLUS-12.


    • First transformerless SMA inverter to be certified in accordance with UL 1741 with safety standards from IEC 62109.
    • First inverter with arc-fault circuit interrupter listed according to UL1699B.
    • Maximum efficiency of 98.3%.
    • The best MPP tracking efficiency with OptiTrac MPP tracking.
    • Transformerless, with H5 topology.
    • OptiCool active temperature management.
    • Integrated DC switch-disconnector.
    • SMA Power Balancer for three phase grid connection.
    • With arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI).

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions (inchs)18.4 x 24.1 x 9.5
    Inverter TypeString Inverter
    Power (Watts)$11,000.00
    Standard WarrantyN/A
    Export Commodity CodeN/A
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