Sunny Boy 6kW Solar Inverter - 3 MPPT - 208/240VAC with SPS Function


    SMA Sunny Boy 6.0-US Standard with integrated DC disco, 3-MPPT, AFCI 208/240VAC

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    This 6000Watt SMA Sunny Boy inverter is part of the newest range of residential grid-tie inverters. Designed to operate at 208VAC single-phase or 240VAC split phase, these units were designed specifically for the US market with built-in AFCI and DC disconnects. They have a very wide DC range on their (3) MPPT inputs resulting in earlier startup, later shutdown and ultimate flexibility in array design. These inverters are also fitted with the enhanced SMA OptiTrac™ feature on all inputs mitigating shading issues on the more challenging installs. These units also have "smart-grid" features allowing it to be future proof regardless of utility requirements.


    • Hundreds of stringing configurations.
    • Multiple independent MPPTs.
    • SMA’s proprietary OptiTrac™ Global Peak shade mitigation technology.
    • Diverse application options including on- and off-grid compatibility.
    • Direct access via smartphone and utilization of SMA’s Installation Assistant, which minimizes time/labor spent in the field and speeds the path to commissioning.
    • Improved communication capabilities that remove the need to install additional equipment.
    • Integrated DC disconnect that simplifies onsite logistics and eliminates the need to install a separate disconnect unit, speeding overall installation time.
    • Enhanced AFCI technology that improves resistance against false tripping while improving sensitivity in detecting real arcs, which greatly reduces unneeded service calls and increases safety.
    • The new Sunny Boy’s two-part enclosure concept that separates the connection unit from the power unit, which allows for simple, expedited servicing.

    Technical Specifications

    SKUSB6.0-1 SP-US-40
    Dimensions (inchs)21.1 x 28.5 x 7.8
    Inverter Power Rating4.1kW-6kW
    Inverter TypeString Inverter
    Power (Watts)$6,000.00
    Standard Warranty10 years
    Export Commodity CodeN/A
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