TRUECharge2 Remote Panel for Battery Chargers

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    Truecharge2 Remote Panel

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    The TRUECHARGE 2 Remote Panel is designed for use with TRUECHARGE 2 Battery Chargers. This full-function remote allows you to monitor and control battery charger performance from a remote location, including features not accessible from the charger’s onboard display. The TRUECHARGE 2 Remote Panel reads like a fuel gauge and displays critical information on charging of battery banks. It is very easy to install, read and operate, connecting with the battery charger through the included telephone cable.


    • Gives the user flexibility to set maximum charger output current
    • Can be used to operate two chargers in parallel to increase output capacity
    • Allows the charger to be powered on or placed into standby while AC power is connected
    • Programs the charger for battery type and temperature
    • Displays faults and warnings, basic battery level and settings
    • Displays the current status of each battery or each battery bank
    • Simple push buttons to set charger mode
    • Allows for activation and termination of equalization
    • FCC Class B compliant

    Technical Specifications

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    Dimensions (inchs)5 x 2 x 4
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