X7602 7.6kW Islanding Inverter

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X7602 Islanding Inverter

    X7600 Series Pika Islanding Inverter. Storage-ready 7.6kW single phase grid-tied Islanding Inverter with REbus™ DC nanogrid and REview™ monitoring dashboard

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    The Pika X7602 Islanding Inverter is the foundation of elegant solutions to complex energy problems; today and tomorrow. Designed from the start to integrate solar and storage, this is a true, no-compromise device that provides more power, capacity and efficiency than others can offer.


    * Resilience – Controls smart batteries to automatically and seamlessly protect homes from extended grid disruptions
    * Self-supply – Manage your relationship with the utility and reduce your carbon footprint by producing and using energy locally
    * Time of Use – Automatically reduce your energy costs by taking advantage of new time of use rate structures
    * Zero Export – Produce and use your own solar energy even when net-metering or feed-in is not an option


    * Elegant – No other solar-plus-storage system offers as much power and performance with so few parts
    * Powerful – Up to 12kW of instantaneous backup power ensures that you lose nothing when the grid goes down
    * Flexible – Choose the battery type that suites your needs best
    * Smart – Automatically optimizes you relationship with the utility, reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint

    Technical Specifications

    SKUX7602 Islanding Inverter
    Dimensions (inchs)24.5 x 19.25 x 8
    Power (Watts)$7,600.00
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