Xanbus System Control Panel

    Xanbus System Control Panel

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    Monitor, Control and Configure your Xantrex Power System

    The Xanbus System Control Panel (SCP) provides comprehensive set-up and control of your Xantrex power system including Freedom SW Inverter/Charger*, Energy Management System** (EMS) and Automatic Generator Start (AGS). The SCP is an intuitive, easy to use interface of a Xanbus-Enabled power management system, connecting devices together and allowing them to transfer information,
    share controls and coordinate actions. Working with other industry leaders, Xantrex developed Xanbus, a networking protocol compatible with many common devices. Xanbus was designed to enable software upgrades so that your Xantrex power management system can accommodate new devices and functionality now and in the future.

    Technical Specifications

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